My Husband Wants Sex All The Time: Is That Normal?

A young married couple is laying together on their bed

If your husband seeks more sex, it could be due to multiple reasons. There might be a sudden libido increase, or it could also be compulsive sexual behavior, using sex as escapism, or just a wrong sexual partner for you. You should assess your feelings and mental side effects and look at the signs your … Read more

Managing In-Law Expectations: 8 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

A young mom is trying to stay calm at the kitchen table while her mother-in-law comments about how to feed her baby

Being yourself around your in-laws from the beginning will avoid creating false expectations, and you’ll have to worry less. Talk to your spouse and get to know the in-laws before marrying into the family. But also form your opinion by spending time with them. Let go of preconceived notions about evil in-laws and enter the … Read more

Holiday Harmony: 6 Tips For Navigating Holidays with Both Sets of In-Laws

Navigating holidays with both sets of in-laws

Spending holidays with two sets of families can be better handled by discussing how to divide time equally in the future with your spouse. According to your situation, you could spend each holiday equally or divide major holidays in a year with both families. Another way is to alternate celebrations each year. If you’re busy … Read more

A Guide For Family Unity: 9 Ways To Address Cultural Conflicts With In-Laws

Cultural conflicts with in-laws

When dealing with cultural differences, ensure you stay patient and respectful in understanding each other’s culture. Educate each other’s family, discuss points of conflict, enjoy common things, cross the language barrier, and address miscommunications to cross the cultural bridge. Most importantly, please don’t force your culture on your in-laws or let them do the same. … Read more

How Involved Should In-Laws Be: Balancing Couple Decision-Making

A young couple is having a discussion when MIL steps in to give her feedback

Marriage brings with it the joy of starting a life together as a couple. As partners, you should share the responsibility of making decisions that shape your lives. While seeking your in-laws’ opinions can provide valuable insight, it’s essential to recognize that you and your spouse need to make your own choices as a couple. … Read more

When In-Laws Move: Tips For Adjusting To Closer Proximity

A young married man is taking a picture at home with his in-laws

Consider the pros and cons of living with in-laws or having them live closer to you and discuss the same with your spouse. Setting healthy boundaries with in-laws can help you, in the long run, to prevent a mental breakdown and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Other factors to consider are maintaining privacy, avoiding getting between each … Read more