Who Should Love More In A Relationship? Is It Bad To Love More?

A young woman is affectionately looking at her partner

One person in a relationship shouldn’t love more than the other one; if they do, it’s an unequal relationship. This unhealthy relationship can create co-dependency, no self-growth, controlling behavior, priority issues, taking your partner for granted and losing a sense of reality. The partner who loves more would reach a point where they feel they’ve … Read more

How Many Relationships Before Marriage? (How Much Is Too Much?)

How Many Relationships Before Marriage?

While there’s no set limit to the number of relationships you should have before entering married life, society still expects a few serious relationships are better than no experience. It’s normal to have 2 to 3 serious relationships before getting married. It’s essential as you are thought to have gained experience from them, making you … Read more

Why Do Mormons Get Married So Young? (Importance Of Marriage & A Family)

Why Do Mormons Get Married So Young?

There’s no specific age set by the Mormons and their community by which adults should get married, but they usually do it before they turn 25. The biggest reason is their teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that families are important—so important that family is at the center of gospel … Read more