Husband Doesn’t Love Me But Wants To Stay Together! What Should I Do Next?

Confirming if your husband has fallen out of love with you is the first step before making a rash decision. Talking about real issues is truly the only way. If your husband still wants to stay together, there could be emotional or practical reasons behind this decision. He might be hoping to work with you to bring back the lost romance by staying together. The more practical reasons could include matters involving children, finance, convenience, or infidelity. Recognizing your feelings is also important. Talk to a marriage therapist to have a clearer idea and sort your emotions with your husband to make a better decision for your future together or apart. 

Love is a fleeting emotion, and you can’t guarantee your partner will stay with you forever.

People know this when entering into a relationship but forget it as they become comfortable with their partner. This is why most people ignore warning signs of their partner not being in love with them anymore.

There could be signs you got to know from, or you confronted your husband about it, and he confirmed. You might have wanted to move on either by living separately or getting a divorce.

But the issue is he isn’t ready to leave you. 

It’s challenging to stay with your spouse when they don’t love you anymore.

If they still want to stay with you, there could be many reasons behind their decision. But how do you emotionally handle such a situation? Let’s take a look. 

Noticing the signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore

A young woman is trying to get her husbands attention, but he's ignoring her and is on his phone

There could be various signs you could have seen indicating your husband’s lost love for you. You’re still contemplating if he loves you or not. If you’ve confronted him, that’s the most direct way to confirm your suspicion.

Sometimes you could also misunderstand the signs of him in distress due to external factors by his lost love for you. 

Either way, here are some common signs spouses notice and also confirmed by therapists when the husband has fallen out of love.

Losing affection

There’re romantic feelings and feelings of affection for the person you love. No matter how much struggle you might experience, the feelings of affection can still be displayed through small actions.

Romantic gestures such as hugging or holding hands, or saying encouraging words to each other define a meaningful relationship. It keeps a relationship going, even if sexual attraction loses its charm over time.

His love language could be different than you. His way of showing love could be through organizing stuff for you to make your life easier, and suddenly he doesn’t do that anymore. That could be a sign. 

Staying away

Once in a while, all of us need our alone time. It could go on for a few days, but that doesn’t mean we go entirely into our shells and ignore our partners. Unless you’re suffering from some mental health issue.

You can recognize your partner drifting away from you by how much he wants to stay in your presence. During the honeymoon period, spouses stick together like glue. Neither one wants to stay alone or away, even for one moment. 

You can notice a change when your partner suddenly withdraws himself and starts spending lots of time on other things, be it work or his hobbies. 

He might have even given up on routine activities you used to do together, like having evening coffee or going for a late-night walk, something like a ritual.

Limited conversations

Your husband could still do all the routine activities with you and stay at home, but there’s no real conversation.

Make sure your husband isn’t going through any stress of his own. Still, if he doesn’t show interest in conversing with you anymore, that could be problematic. 

Besides external things to talk about, a married couple needs to converse about their daily routine, feelings, and future plans to be close for a longer time.

A lack of fun conversations or banter means your husband is withdrawing and not in love. 

What to do when your husband doesn’t love you?

When you’ve confirmed your doubts, it’s difficult to accept your spouse’s changed feelings. Now, you look forward to what to do next about it.

If you don’t have kids, it’s still easier, but if you do, your next steps should be carefully thought about, for it’ll impact them in many ways.

But you should also think about yourself and arrive at a better decision for yourself and your family. It also involves how much your husband is willing to do and his feelings about the whole scenario.

Your husband might want to completely separate after you’ve had a conversation about his feelings. Then there’s nothing much to do but find a way to end things smoothly for your and your kid’s sake.

Another scenario could be that he doesn’t want to separate or divorce and still wants to stay together. 

When your husband doesn’t love you but wants to stay together

A young woman is looking at her husbands wedding ring, which is on her finger.

Thinking about your next steps is difficult when you’re hurt.

Knowing he still wants to stay together might feel like torture, for you don’t know if things could go back to how they were initially. There could be doubts if this can work and how you will handle things.

Changed feelings

Love is fleeting, and feelings are bound to change at some point. Maybe you feel he doesn’t love you as much as he did initially, or there’s a complete change in his feelings that could be the issue here.

Try to know how much his feelings have changed and what you can do about it. Maybe it’s not as bad as you thought it was. If he’s willing to stay, perhaps it’s just a phase, or his feelings have diminished and can be recovered later.


Talking is still the key, even if there’s no love from his side. Communicating about your relationship issues and at what point he started feeling different or you started seeing the signs can help bring out a solution.

Why does he feel different suddenly, or why was it a gradual process? Talk about how his actions make you feel, and at the same time, try to understand his viewpoint too.

Falling in love again

If you have been with each other for a long time now, trust is sure to come out of this relationship. Over time two people build strong trust even if their feelings diminish. 

If there’s trust and he’s willing to stay, falling in love again is possible. Maybe some things made you drift apart from each other, and there could be a single instance or a collection of instances that made him fall out of love.

Communicating can make you realize what you need to work on.

Matter of convenience

Another possibility he’s willing to stay together could be because it’s convenient for him. Spouses become comfortable with each and fall into a familiar pattern of things.

Maybe he doesn’t want to step out of the comfort zone he’s created staying with you in this marriage. He may be out of love, but starting anew is not for everyone. This is why he might even resist admitting he’s not in love anymore, fearing you would want out of this comfort zone.


A couple who have children together find it the most difficult to make decisions regarding their love life. 

Maybe he wants to stay in the marriage for the children’s sake, fearing what divorce could do to children. Some spouses agree that staying in a loveless marriage is a compromise they’re ready to make for their children’s future.


You could be the family’s sole breadwinner or earn more than your husband. Even if you’re making almost the same, your husband feels staying together is a better decision financially than staying apart.

Rent, utilities, and other factors become pretty realistic, and one person might struggle to live alone. Maybe he’s seeing things from the perspective of money.


While saying he still wants to stay together, he could be having an affair. Buying time from you could be a way for him to think if staying with you is more beneficial or should he move on with the person he’s seeing out of your marriage.

Infidelity is not uncommon, and they want to have a backup option while they solidify their future prospect.

If that’s the case, then you leaving him is the best decision for you to take to get out of this negative situation. Before doing that, you need to confirm the truth by looking at the signs that he could be having an affair.

Signs such as:

  • Change in appearance
  • Missing time
  • Missing money
  • Averting phone calls
  • Being secretive about his phone
  • Hanging out more with friends
  • Missing family gatherings
  • Saying he’s doing more work recently
  • Lies/mood swings
  • Change in sex life
  • Hidden social media

Seeing a bunch of these could help you identify and evaluate the situation. 

Marriage therapist

Sometimes things aren’t so black and white, and they’re in the grey where things are more complicated. 

Your husband could be looking at things from a practical point of view, but you could be emotional about things between you two. 

Arriving at a mutual decision in such a situation can be tricky without some external help. By this help, I mean getting it from a professional such as a marriage therapist or counselor. There’s no shame in admitting you need help, and in fact, it’s a sign of emotional maturity. 

They can help you sort your feelings which can help you arrive at a good mutual decision for both. 


When to call it quits in a marriage?

If the marriage has become toxic where both of you no longer love each other and find it miserable to live with each other, you can think about calling it quits. Even after trying couple’s therapy, if it doesn’t work, then it’s best to think about divorce.

What are the signs of a loveless marriage?

– No communication
– No effort
– Taking each other for granted
– No respect for each other
– No physical or emotional affection
– Differences that can’t be reconciled
– Infidelity 
– Becoming distant or wishing to take a break

How do I get my husband to love me again?

It differs depending on the person, but one thing you should never do is plead to another person to fall in love with you again. 

Loving yourself and being confident in the person you’re in is the most attractive thing. Communicating and spending more time together to work out your differences is a healthy way to make things work. 

Remember, you can never force love. If your partner is willing to put in the same effort, they might love you again, or both of you might realize there’re better people out there for you.  

To summarise

Confirm if your husband doesn’t love you before deciding on anything. He might be out of it or stressed due to some external factors, for all you know. 

After confirming if he’s still willing to stay together, you need to assess your emotions and think about your children if you have any.

Maybe he’s willing to make it work again, or he’s looking at it from a practical point of view. Either way, your emotions matter too, and going to a couple’s therapist is healthier in such a messy situation. 

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