A Guide For Family Unity: 9 Ways To Address Cultural Conflicts With In-Laws

Cultural conflicts with in-laws

When dealing with cultural differences, ensure you stay patient and respectful in understanding each other’s culture. Educate each other’s family, discuss points of conflict, enjoy common things, cross the language barrier, and address miscommunications to cross the cultural bridge. Most importantly, please don’t force your culture on your in-laws or let them do the same. … Read more

How Involved Should In-Laws Be: Balancing Couple Decision-Making

A young couple is having a discussion when MIL steps in to give her feedback

Marriage brings with it the joy of starting a life together as a couple. As partners, you should share the responsibility of making decisions that shape your lives. While seeking your in-laws’ opinions can provide valuable insight, it’s essential to recognize that you and your spouse need to make your own choices as a couple. … Read more

Who Should Love More In A Relationship? Is It Bad To Love More?

A young woman is affectionately looking at her partner

One person in a relationship shouldn’t love more than the other one; if they do, it’s an unequal relationship. This unhealthy relationship can create co-dependency, no self-growth, controlling behavior, priority issues, taking your partner for granted and losing a sense of reality. The partner who loves more would reach a point where they feel they’ve … Read more

My Husband Misinterprets Everything I Say!

My Husband Misinterprets Everything I Say!

Communication can be difficult at first between the married irrespective of being a couple for a long time. Married life has its challenges, and you might not realize things that are causing your husband to misinterpret everything you say to them. Some possible issues causing this misinterpretation could include raised expectations, not understanding his point … Read more