What To Say When Giving A Promise Ring? (Promise Ring Vs. Proposal)

Giving a promise ring to your partner is a meaningful gesture and a sign of solidifying your relationship with them. It’s important to stay true to yourself and speak from your heart. You can make it memorable for them or keep it simple depending on the kind of couple you are, how long you have been together, and the future you see with them. You can promise them via this ring through a simple speech, a written card, a song, or even a poem. Remember, a promise ring is different from a proposal, so whatever you do, don’t kneel down.

There are different ways of showing commitment to your partner, including giving them a promise ring.

While an engagement ring signifies a promise to marry soon, a promise ring is given as a symbol of commitment and fidelity to one’s partner.

This symbol of solidifying your relationship needs something unique, but not to the point where it seems like a proposal. So, what do you say when giving your partner a promise ring?

What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring signifies a commitment to your partner and lets them know you’re not just dating anymore.

It’s not so popular these days, and only a few people like to give this ring to their partner, but those who love this kind of commitment wear it proudly.

Some people are sure that their partner will be their future spouse. So, they start with this pre-engagement ring and then propose with an engagement ring to get married with a wedding band finally.

Others might want to solidify their commitment and let the person know that this person is already taken.

They might not have thought about marriage, and it’s not necessarily leading to an engagement. At that moment, they only want to show their commitment.

Then some don’t believe in marriage, and giving this ring is the closest they will come to show their commitment.

It also depends from couple to couple. There could be couples who are low on finances, studying for a long time, or in a long-distance relationship.

Due to such factors, they might still need to propose for marriage but want solid commitment and thus give out this ring.

How to give a promise ring to your partner?

When giving a promise ring, think about your situation. Reflect on your and your partner’s expectations.

A young man is about to give a promise ring to his girlfriend, with the intention of marrying her in the future.

If it’s only a symbol of solidifying your current status, then you need to be careful with what you say and how you present them with this ring.

You don’t want to kneel or make a grand gesture by giving them this ring, let’s say, near the Eifel tower.

Anything grand gives an impression of a proposal and might seem like marriage vows. To avoid this situation, keep it simple.

Try to bring up the topic when you’re hanging out with each other or on a simple date, nothing too grand or special.

When you’re having a good time with each other, you can bring up the topic of commitment and tell your partner a few things about what you have been thinking.

Tell them you want to give them a promise ring; if you make it a big surprise, it might be construed as an engagement ring instead.

On the other hand, if you’re sure this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and are confident that you’ll propose to them soon, then you can plan something special.

You could either hide it in a bouquet of roses or go on a date to your favorite place and then decide to give them a ring.

What to say when giving a promise ring?

A young couple is happily embracing each other after the boyfriend gave his girlfriend a promise ring

You can say different things depending on how long you have been with them and what kind of future you see with them.

If this is just a way of committing for the time being and you aren’t sure you want to marry them in the future, keep it short, sweet, and simple.

Giving out this ring does require saying some promises. A promise ring speech could go something like this:

  • With this ring, I promise to be loyal and faithful to you.
  • This ring symbolizes my love for you.
  • I promise to stand by you no matter the situation.
  • I hope you accept this ring as a symbol of our commitment to each other for years to come.

However, if you’re giving out the promise ring with the hope of proposing soon, then something like this would be better for the special moment:

  • This ring symbolizes our love and commitment to each other for the rest of our lives.
  • With this promise ring, I promise to love only you.
  • This ring is a testament and a promise to be with each other until I propose to you.
  • Whenever you look at this ring, I hope you know I will only love you.

Sometimes people want to get more creative with what they say, and they might also give a ring with a favorite poem or a sweet song written by them.

You could keep it simple by giving them a card with your feelings written inside them if you don’t want to voice them with a bouquet of flowers.


Do you kneel when giving a promise ring?

What makes a proposal unique and different from anything is when you drop to one knee and propose to your partner.

Since that’s the social norm, if you decide to kneel on your knee while giving a promise ring, it could be easily confused with a marriage proposal.

How long should you date before giving a promise ring?

Before you give this ring to your partner, think back on the time you have been together till now.

There are no set rules when you should give this ring, and only decide to give this to your partner if you feel both of you want this.

Someone could give a promise ring as soon as they complete 100 days together, or someone would decide to give it when they have completed a year together.

When you genuinely feel like it is the right time for your relationship, give a promise ring.

What finger do you wear a promise ring on?

You can wear a promise ring on your ring finger, and you could also wear it on any other finger you like and even wear it around your neck in a chain.

It depends on how you want to wear it, as there are no rules.

Does each person get a promise ring?

It depends on the relationship and how you and your partner think about it.

Usually, there’s an exchange of promise ring as it’s a mutual promise to stay loyal to each other, but if the other person isn’t comfortable wearing a ring, you can get them a bracelet or a chain.

They could also wear the ring in a chain around their neck.

To summarise

There’s a fine line between proposing to someone and giving them a promise ring to show your current commitment to them.

If you aren’t sure about the future, don’t overpromise and keep it low-key and simple, even the way you say things and where you give that ring.

If you know in your heart that this is the person for you, make it more unique and hint towards a future marriage to them.

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